Participants in the Dialogue in the Dark Workshops face the experience of temporarily losing the most dominant sense – their sight – which results in a dramatic slowdown of everyday routines. The workshops conducted in total darkness helps one to test one’s limits leading to a tangible experience of combining emotional intelligence and social competence.

The workshops are not based on the superficial effect of being in the dark. Participants spend two to three hours in the dark going through a series of team challenges with the assistance of blind trainers. The progression of exercises in complete darkness creates absolutely unpredictable situations. Since it is not possible to use one’s visual sense, one has to activate entirely new resources and unused potential to reach the set goal. The skills involved are of utmost importance  for business liveand practicing them within the workshop has a lasting effect. This inspiring experience brings about dramatic insights for professional leaders in their everyday routines.

The benefits of the darkness are re-enforced by an extended time for debriefing, reflection and consolidation of learning. After returning to a lit environment, participants share their experiences, observations, surprises, frustrations, learning and especially their insights.

The workshops are emotionally challenging, cognitively demanding and have lasting effects. The trainings are especially focused on skills to improve communication, leadership, team building and diversity. Our trainers, themselves blind or visually impaired are experts in non-visual perception; create a learning atmosphere of authenticity, empathy and openness.

Our workshops for social and emotional learning can be an important contribution to personality development, while enhancing human interaction and mutual understanding and thereby confirming the philosopher Martin Buber’s famous observation, stating that: “The only way to learn is by encounter.”

What added values do Trainings in the Dark bring to YOUR organization?

Quickly recognizing familiar patterns
There is no other environment than darkness where workshop participants recognize in such a short time their beneficial or obstructive behavior and communication patterns. These quickly gained insights are the basis for possible and/or necessary developments.

New knowledge gained in extremely short time
The acceleration of the learning process in complete darkness is enormous. The new experiences received in the unusual environment have a deep impact and remain in the long term memory.

Improved communication skills
The communication without seeing is clearer and more precise. Listening and understanding others becomes key for achieving a set target. Darkness strengthens participant’s concentration and communication skills; team players surprisingly quickly produce efficient solutions for challenging and difficult tasks.

Building trust and team work
Participants, hesitant and unsure in the beginning, gradually discover that their closeness to each other inflicted by darkness is in fact helpful and comfortable. Team work and the “we” feeling turn into a positive emotional and physical experience and build a strong associative link in memory.

Impulse for creative thinking and acting
The various activities in the dark are a lot of fun. One recalls memories from childhood. These memories help us think creatively and explore new ways in doing things. The participants discover and activate their own hidden resources.

Positive effect of diversity
Without visual impressions people meet unprejudiced. Your looks and your body language are no longer important.

Blind trainers
The blind trainers impress their audience with the way they perceive the reality. They surprise us with detailed and sharp observations and their feedback becomes extremely valuable. Valuable feedback is essential for the learning process of participants. The personal life experiences enrich the exchanges between the trainers and the participants and encourage an open and constructive approach to personal characteristics and values