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Attention: Dialogue in the Dark moved to a NEW LOCATION as of May 1st, 2015.
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ul. Lazo 12, 111398 Moscow at the premises of «Center Integratia» 1st floor

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DIALOGUE IN THE DARK Business Workshops offer professional trainings and workshops in absolute darkness.

The workshop activities provide an innovative and powerful tool for human resource development, leadership training, team building, reinforcing a collaborative mindset, empathy and emotional intelligence.

The strong impression of the experience in the dark allows participants to retain the lessons learned in this program over a longer period of time.

What added values do Trainings in the Dark bring to YOUR organization?

Quickly recognizing familiar patterns
There is no other environment than darkness where workshop participants recognize in such a short time their beneficial or obstructive behavior and communication patterns. These quickly gained insights are the basis for future skills development.

New knowledge gained in extremely short time
The acceleration of the learning process in complete darkness is enormous. The new experiences received in the unusual environment have a deep impact and remain in the long term memory.

Improved communication skills
The communication without seeing is clearer and more precise. Listening and understanding others becomes key for achieving a set target. Darkness strengthens participant’s concentration and communication skills; team players surprisingly quickly produce efficient solutions for challenging and difficult tasks.

Building trust and team work
Participants, hesitant and unsure in the beginning, gradually discover that their closeness to each other inflicted by darkness is in fact helpful and comfortable. Team work and the “we” feeling turn into a positive emotional and physical experience and build a strong associative link in memory.

Impulse for creative thinking and acting
The various activities in the dark are a lot of fun. One recalls memories from childhood. These memories help us think creatively and explore new ways in doing things. The participants discover and activate their own hidden resources.

Positive effect of diversity

Without visual impressions people meet unprejudiced. Your looks and your body language are no longer important.

Blind trainers
The blind trainers impress their audience with the way they perceive the reality. They surprise us with detailed and sharp observations and their feedback becomes extremely valuable. Valuable feedback is essential for the learning process of participants. The personal life experiences enrich the exchanges between the trainers and the participants and encourage an open and constructive approach to personal characteristics and values.

Global Approach
DIALOGUE IN THE DARK Business Workshops started back in 2007 in Hamburg Germany, as a professional extension to the DIALOGUE IN THE DARK Exhibitions’ network. It was founded by Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinecke.

Currently DIALOGUE IN THE DARK Business Workshops can be found in more than 15 major cities all over the world, where more than 200 of the Fortune 500 companies participated with their staff in corporate training programs.
Throughout the world, DIALOGUE IN THE DARK Business Workshops have proven to be an effective training tool. They are very popular both with corporations and private individuals
DIALOGUE IN THE DARK Moscow started their professional training activities in February 2012 on a regular basis and have attracted more than 9 000 participants in Russia so far.

Important to Know:

Trainings can be provided in English and Russian languages. Training content and focus are customized to the specific requirements of our clients.
Business Workshops and events in the dark can be done at our location at Center Integratia or at other suitable locations like hotels, company facilities, exhibitions, etc. We have a professional team of technical specialists, who are responsible for installation of the dark room.

Place of training:

Ul. Lazo 12, 111398 Moscow

At the premises of «Center Integratia» 1st floor


Pavel Obiukh
Ekaterina Vilenkina
Tobias Reisner

Mob. +7 916 364 7887
Tel. (office) +7 495 721 2893



  • 5th of March 2016
  • New concert program in complete darkness: “The philosophy of the senses” – a concert of Indian music in the dark

  • Date: 5th of March
  • Time:
  • 16.00 – for women only! (Mantras to disclose female power)
  • 19.00 – concert for all (the mantra of happiness, love, peace)
  • Location: ul. Lazo 12, 111398 Moscow at the premises of «Center Integratia» 1st floor (ул. Лазо, д. 12 м. Перово).
  • Ticket price 850 Ruble, for regular visitors* – 750 Ruble.
  • order your tickes via telephone: 8-915-213-61-01.
  • or via online-booking at integratsia.com.
  • Moscow audience greets the arrival of spring start of the new season of concerts in the dark. The organizers of the socio-cultural project "LudiIn" (Center "Integratsia" and "Dialogue in the Dark") will again give a concert of Indian music and vocals in Sanskrit "Philosophy of Feeling" on March 5th, which won the hearts of Muscovites in the past year.
  • The concert will feature ** mantra meditation. The concert "The philosophy of the senses" will be held in the new age, in which the mantras in Sanskrit execution gracefully combined with atmospheric modern music. The new concert program will present the vocal-instrumental group "MAYNA" ***.
  • The audience will hear live meditative music. Ethnic drums and flutes, Ocean drama and Tibetan bowls, piano and garmonika - these and other ethnic musical instruments will be heard in a specially equipped darkroom**** at location of Centre "Integratsia". Blind guides will help to navigate inside the dark area.
  • To start of the new season the project organizers will present two completely new programs: one - especially for women in honor of the upcoming International Women's Day, the other - for everyone. The first part of the program will be the opening mantra of female power, and the second part - the mantra of love, happiness and peace, which will have a positive impact on each and every audience.
  • Purchase tickets for this unique musical event and see you in the dark center of the Center "Integratsia"
  • * Spectators who have already attended one of the concerts in complete darkness at Center "Integratsia".
  • ** Mantra - meditative songs typical of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Performed in Sanskrit. It is believed that chanting of mantras has a beneficial effect on the human body, relax the body and mind, give a sense of happiness and peace. Therefore, they are often compared with prayers and religious songs.
  • *** MAYNA [mauna] - a Sanskrit word - silence.
  • **** Dark Room - we create an atmosphere of absolute darkness, which does not exist in nature - no matter how many persons will be located in this space, you cannot see anything, including yourself.
  • Official partners of the project - Dialogue in the Dark and Center "Integratsia"
  • from February 2016
  • NEW PROGRAM: Rhythmic Team Building

  • "Dialogue in the Dark" in cooperation with business trainer Sergey Shepilov invites everyone to take part in rhythmic training, which takes place in complete darkness!
  • This new format of interactive team building involves drums and other rhythmic instruments to build an understanding of group dynamics. The 3 hour workshop includes one module in complete darkeness plus a module in light. Feel free to contact us for further information.

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    Leadership Training: Stress Surfing

  • Operational Leadership

  • Conflict Management

  • Project Management

  • Negotiation Skills - "The Art of Negotiation"

  • Effective Communication

  • Public Speaking

  • Diversity at Workplace

  • Effective team communication


  • Team Building: Cooking in the Dark

    ATTENTION: OUR PRIZE WINNERS, GIFT CERTIFICATE HOLDERS AND ALL WHO WANT TO COME TO OUR EVENTS! All gift and prize certificates will be automatically extended to the year 2014 and keep validity. We kindly ask you to send a short e-mail with your contact data and gift certificate number – we will inform you personally about upcoming events. Our schedule on the website will also be updated regularly.
  • Team Building: Cooking in the Dark

  • Russian or English Language Groups - Gift Certificates available for purchase
  • Adventure DID

  • Russian or English Language Groups - Gift Certificates available for purchase
  • Cultural Events

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Training effect is achieved due to the fact that the participants, being in an unfamiliar environment, are really starting to listen to each other and work together. These qualities are essential to the successful management of business processes.
Herald Sun, Australia

Managerial staff without a personal identity often fail to get across fundamental concepts for decisions. A few hours in darkness helps sharpen the identity of any manager.
Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, 2007