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We offer exhibitions and business workshops in total darkness. In the exhibition, blind guides lead visitors through a completely dark environment where one learns to interact by relying on other senses. The business workshops are led by professional trainers who are blind. The workshop activities provide an innovative and powerful tool for human resource development, reinforcing a collaborative mindset and emotional intelligence.

Dialogue in the Dark is a close communication, provoking a change in perspectives. In the process of these perspective-changing experiences, we create jobs for blind and differently-abled people worldwide.

Dialogue in the Dark has been presented through exhibitions and workshops in more than 30 countries and 130 cities throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas since it’s opening in 1988. So far, more than 7 million visitors worldwide have experienced Dialogue in the Dark, and thousands of blind guides and trainers have found employment through Dialogue in the Dark.